Calvary Center for Culture & Community
Philadelphia, PA

Olaya Studio worked  with The Calvary Center for Culture and Community to develop a strategic phasing plan to restore the 100 year old Calvary United Methodist Church.    The CCCC is part of the vibrant community at 48th & Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. The Calvary Building, congregation, and Center serve over 5,000 community members yearly, acting as the "town hall" for one of the city’s most diverse communities.  The building is home to Curio Theatre Company, Crossroads Live Music, several religious congregations and a host of other neighborhood groups and associations.   

Olaya Studio designed a simple but effective multi-functional wall that separates the Sanctuary from the Chapel.  In addition to providing a much needed passage way between the two entrances, the partition is also an acoustical wall with sound absorptive materials that limits the sound transmission between the two spaces.  It is also a load bearing support wall to the second floor balcony. Along with steel columns that transfer loads to the basement, it also acts like a structural beam that provides additional support to the sanctuary floor so that it can take on additional loads anticipated for future renovations to the  stage and new seating arrangements.