Zubaida Foundation

Yardley, PA

Olaya Studio has developed designs to renovate and add to the existing suburban church building that the Zubaida Foundation is currently using.  Due to the growing congregation and the age of the building, the small structure is in need of additional space and modern amenities.  One of our goals was to develop a plan that met equally the specific needs of how both men and women spatially proceed through and use the mosque, while adhering with the traditions of Islam.  One of the challenges was  to reorient the way the main prayer area is used. The existing plan of the original building, with its strong north-south axial plan worked well as a Christian church, but not so well as a Islamic worshiping space that requires worshipers to face Mecca. This required us to rotate the entire plan perpendicular to the strong axial orientation of the building.  To accomplish these goals, we reorganized the overall geometry and procession into the building and redirected the entire focus of the design towards the east.    The renovations include a larger prayer area, flexible classrooms, a library, new restrooms and an elevator. The client is currently raising funds in order to begin construction.